Inception, and street food for dinner!

The other day, I’d been to watch Inception – for the second time. I found the movie quite intriguing to say the least. The fact that the creator of the movie managed to get the concept of a nested loop in the dreams was amazing. While it could be argued that there was more violence than was required to portray the subconscious’ reaction to the external source, I still found the movie quite gripping and engrossing.

I also viewed it from a certain detached space – where I used some of the knowledge I have gained on the workings of the human brain (there are some friends of mine who would say, “you HAVE a brain?”) and the manner in which we obtain, process and internalize our experiences.

Well, I had my friend Kichu with me and we watched the movie together. I’d promised Kichu that we’d go to Sajjan Rao Circle for dinner – the yummy food found on “eat street” was much too tempting. However, we finished the movie and then we thought whether we wanted to drive as far as Sajjan Rao Circle. I then suggested that we go to another nice “road side” food joint.

We ended up at the pedestrian walkway next to Ranga Shankara in JP Nagar. What followed was simply amazing food! Egg Dosais, with Coconut chutney, followed by small, crisp Uddina vadas (many in number) followed by an amazing 2 egg extra masala (Chilly + Onions) omelette!  Watching the master chef at work – the simple ease with which the egg was broken and the masala added and then quickly beaten and poured onto the tava, the panache with which he added the oil (some may say that is was engine oil – which probably is the reason the food tastes so good – not to mention the additional spices from the pollution!) the speed at which the guy turns out omelletes, egg dosas, onion uthappams, is just amazing. And he services 8-9 persons at the same time and when the time to pay the bill comes, he’s ready with the amount in a jiffy! Talk about multi tasking!

And then the most amazing part – a filling, tasty dinner for two – at the princely sum of Rs. 55/=

That was an evening to remember – for more reasons than one!

And yes, this post is probably the first of many on a topic that is very close to my heart – food, and street food at that!!

Jai ho!!!!


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