Whats more important to achieving goals – Clarity or Focus or BOTH?

Well, I was part of a WorkSmart workshop yesterday in Bangalore. My dear friend and mentor Kichu was conducting the workshop for a group of Banking professionals. In the WorkSmart program, we enable folks to gain clarity on their goals, and help them with tools and techniques that help them achieve these goals as well.

I was thinking about the main components of how one could achieve their goals. It is clear that there are 3 main components for anyone to achieve their goals:

1. Clarity – What is it that I REALLY want to achieve?

2. Focus – Identifying the areas that we REALLY ought to be working on to reach our goals

3. Action – Lastly, and certainly not the least, DOING  the things that ought to be done to reach the goal.

This morning however, I was wondering – call it an internal, intellectual journey, if you may, what would be the most important thing amongst these 3 things if one HAD to choose ONLY one! Neither CLARITY nor FOCUS would be of any use if one did not ACT. Hence, ACTION is a MUST – unless of course, the goal is to remain in ONE place / state! 🙂

So, I decided that I would embark on an internal dialogue on whether I would choose CLARITY or FOCUS or both.

Well, let’s just assume that I had Clarity but no Focus on what I needed to do? Then I would very clear where I wanted to go – but mind end up somewhere else, if I did not focus. To paraphrase, a flight that leaves Point A to get to Point B, is supposedly “On track” only for about 5% of the entire journey. Given that the aircraft is being pushed/pulled in multiple directions, unless the pilot constantly corrects course, the aircraft might end up completely off course if this constant course correction did not take place. So, the pilot’s focus on keeping the aircraft on it’s path is the most important quality in this.

However, should we have no clarity in terms of where we wanted to reach – and decided to DO – and start moving what would happen?  Well, for one, if we took the same aircraft example, we would be traveling, and be subject to the same forces and drift. However, even clarity on the destination did not exist, just by the pilot being focused on keeping the aircraft on track (forget for a moment that the pilot is not clear about the destination), then we would reach somewhere – whether we like the place or not, is a different things altogether!

I KNOW though that one MUST have both to succeed and achieve what they truly want to achieve. However, with this limited approach, to me, if I had to choose between Clarity and Focus, Focus seems to win.


PS. My nephew Sharadh has labeled his blog “the passionate ramblings of an incoherent mind” – and after reading my attempt at this blog, I’m wondering if the incoherence is a family trait 🙂


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