The importance of Passion!

“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.” – Hebbel

Yesterday, I was sitting in my office – it was raining, the weather was lovely. I then made some coffee for all of us in the office – and then it struck me, making coffee (Being a barista) was almost therapeutic in nature for me. I realized that I keenly looked forward to the process of making coffee, and savoring the taste, and the compliments that came my way when the coffee was good! I then wondered when I developed this “passion” for coffee, or being an intuitive “bartender”. I realized that the significant trigger and motivation was when I tried it out for the first time, with a certain amount of trepidation, and was then pleasantly surprised when things started turning out well, and people started appreciating what I did!

I then started thinking about the importance of Passion – not in the physical passion sense, but in the driving force that resides inside of us – in making us move towards our goals and true reason for existence. I believe that when someone is passionate about something, they are truly engaged, both consciously and subconsciously and are therefore able to do more, better and be satisfied / fulfilled. Would it therefore not be the most important thing to identify the things that we are truly passionate about and then work on our plans?

This morning, I was sitting with someone, trying to help them obtain clarity with regard to what they truly wanted to do in life. A good friend, Arjun,  had taken me through the “Passion Test” sometime ago. He had explained to me the various drivers that people had,, at varying points in time. I was reminded then about a statement that my father in law, Mr. Swamy, always used to make “Drivers are always changing in life – with every step you take, the drivers change, even without your noticing them”. When I inquired with Arjun about his coming to know of the test, he mentioned that he had attended a workshop to help take others through the test – he did mention that there was a book which was difficult to obtain in India.

To revert to the point, I was so taken with the effect that the “Passion Test” had on me, that I purchased the book for myself.  A point in the book states “Your intention decides the results you get”. My friend Kichu (let me warn you that whoever reads my blogs will see this name being mentioned time and again – and all for the right reasons – he is the MOST amazing coach I have ever come across in my life), says that you Context derives the results that you get. So, when someone turns up late to any of his workshops/seminars, he says that the person’s context WAS to be late and hence regardless of what they did, they would turn up late. I saw this in action, even in the simple act of my obtaining the book. When Arjun said that the book was not available in India, I somehow made a statement to myself, “I will get this book for myself and read it to help myself, and more importantly to help as many as I possible can”. It was therefore no surprise to me that I was able to get the book online within 2 weeks!

So, coming back to the Passion Test that I was helping someone with this morning: When I was  administering the test, I noticed the constant tussle between what the person consciously thought was more important and what was TRULY important, in their deepest self.

When the test was done, and the Top 5 Passions were identified, Kichu asked the person to rate the amount of time that he was spending today on their passions and the answer was so clear! I was amazed with the simplicity of  the test and the amazingly clear results that it produces, every single time. I also saw the commonness between understanding one’s passion and the need to have a FOCUS to achieving those passions / goals. The authors of the book mention quite beautifully as follows:

Intention – this is identifying your TRUE Passions

Attention – Focusing on the things that we need to do to do things we are passionate about, or achieving something that REALLY matters to us

No Tension – this is the state that one is in, when they are well and truly moving steadily towards their goals and doing things that they are passionate about.

My friend Suresh Gundappa ( who is a man of many parts, had once mentioned this in his blog – and at that time, while it struck a chord, it did not sink in. When I read  the book, it sank in completely! You should visit Suresh’s blog as well – both for the lovely thoughts that he shares AND the amazing photographs that he posts there. He said “attention means at tension but awareness is at ease!” Once the passion is established, and due attention has been given, then one settles in to an easy pace – much like the famed running pace that the Masai tribe of Africa are famous for. I have never ever seen masai run, and hence this statement is second / third hand – apparently they run so well, that they do not seem to be exerting any power at all, YET they run longer and faster than any others can – this is probably true and well established since most of the distance running races have been won by persons from Africa!

So, blessed are those that are certain about their passion – in many ways, their passion is also the reason they were brought on to this planet – and if they knew what they truly wanted to do, they ARE Blessed!

So, let me end this rather longish post with a prayer for GOD’s blessings that everyone be blessed to find their passions soonest and to move towards achieving them – that probably would make a huge difference in the world since the energy would be positive – leading to creation, rather than the negative energy that leads to destruction!

I went over this note and wondered how I had gone from one point to another and wondered if I had to edit and re-post – decided then that if it was in someone’s karma to chance upon my blog, then it was also in their karma to undergo the torture! 🙂

God bless us all!!


4 thoughts on “The importance of Passion!

  1. GS,

    I am so glad you are on wordpress to share your thoughts, Knowing for so long I am sure you are going to make a positive difference to readers. You own ability to convey thought provoking ideas can make a world of difference.

    needless to say I have been inspired by your way of life!

    I am looking forward to your notes and articles and your first fan is here.

    Congrats and best wishes.


  2. Hello GS,

    I like! I am have been very picky in choosing the Bloggers I ardently follow. In this case, I didnt have a choice!!

    Looking forward to reading more of your articles.

    All the best.


    • Susan,

      Thanks for your kind words. I hope to get Kichu on the blogging bandwagon as well, soon! I felt that I HAD to share some of these thoughts – never know when and what will resonate with someone who happens to chance upon the blog – and may, with GOD’s grace, make a difference.

      Now that I have started, I guess the momentum will be there!

      God bless you!

      • Hello GS!

        That is nice. I would love to hear from Kichu as well.
        I liked your new role. It reminds me of Subroto Bagchi and how everyone calls him the Gardner! I have always believed that if one gets the opportunity to Coach even one person in his/her life, that is a huge blessing by itself.

        I am really excited for you both with the new Role and the Blog. I am positive that you will make a difference!

        Will continue to read and comment!

        May the force be with you!

        – Susan

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