Time – Use it or Lose it!

It has been said before – let’s take that the average life of a person is 75 years, give or take a few. Let’s also say that the first 10 years goes away since each person MIGHT not have a say in what they do with their time. Leaving each person with 65 years approximately in choosing what they do with their life.
That’s an astounding 34,164,000 (34 million minutes = 65 years x 365 days x 24 hours  x 60 minutes) in a life time that  a person has. Now that each one of us is a millionaire, can we be sensible and choose what we do with this time? And finally, that is all that makes the difference between happiness and something else.

So, if I had 34 million as  MY life time earning, will I not make a budget and make proper use of it? This CANNOT be extended – this IS IT. If I adopt that approach, then chances are that I will use MY time usefully! And as they say, it is truest with TIME – USE IT or LOSE IT! Be wise! Cut out all that is not relevant – I’ve cut out almost all that is not important – TV (especially new channels, News Papers, mindless chatting with people who do not matter etc.) And I have ALL the time in the world for what I want to do!

Prioritise everything:

The relationships that matter

Activities that matter

And experience having ALL the time that one needs!


3 thoughts on “Time – Use it or Lose it!

  1. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. What is the yard stick to check whether an activity is ‘Not Important’ or otherwise.
    As I see from here, watching television for 30mins gives me an entertainment to destress. 30mins of news gives me an update. 30mins of news paper reading helps me to keep updated with written news and also in a way improves my vocabulary.

    Thanks in advance

    • The same way of prioritising as with money. If this is all I have, will I “waste” the money on something that’s most needed or a frivolous thing? Is TV the only destress available? I read a lot, and that helps my knowledge and my English. However it’s not the news which is about the mundane mostly in the past and filled with gore. Every day, I have 90 minutes set aside for knowledge acquisition – of various kinds. And a quick read and music destress me more than any TV. And to each their own. Like with money, use it, or lose it. Asking a question, is this the “Best” use of my time might help. Hope this answer is useful.

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