MAGICAL LIFE – A potential recipe’

So, what does it take to live a MAGICAL LIFE, I asked, and the Universe sort of sent this message:

Mindfulness – Being Awake, Aware, Attentive

Appreciation – me, others, everything – can always find something to appreciate

Gratitude – Finding things to be grateful for regardless of situation and circumstances

Integrity – in thought, speech and action

Compassionate Kindness – to me, to others, to all beings

Awareness – it all begins with awareness; what I am aware of, I can improve

Love – me, others, other beings, like a mother

Learn – Knowledge – Always be willing to learn; Know that I don’t know EVERYTHING

Intention – Be true to my intention and integrity

Faith – first in self, then others, and most certainly in the Universe

Energy – Be Positive, in thought, speech and action always

And this is Something that came to me, of course from the Universe. And the beauty in this is really the amazing fact that the acronym “MAGICAL LIFE” and the expansion for the acronym just flowed in one go – and I made just about 2 edits in the entire structure. In my own way, Ive been practicing this, and it has made a huge difference to the quality of my life.

All of this, helps one be in an “anabolic” state, as against a “catabolic” state. And that definitely alters the chemical composition inside of the body, and helps one have health, and happiness!


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