Sleeping easy! zzz…..

How to sleep peacefully and rest well – some thoughts!

I was with a group of friends and one of the people in the group mentioned that they had trouble sleeping. I immediately “blurted” out that I could help, not realizing that the person did not know me from Adam, and was probably thinking I was a “nut case!”

It got me thinking however, and I realized that I had had my share of sleepless nights. I also work with quite a few people who have had trouble with sleeping easy, and resting and rejuvenating themselves. I decided to pen my thoughts down and share them with unsuspecting souls like you! J

So, if I am sleeping well, resting well, and waking up refreshed and ready to live the day with vitality, energy and vigour, then this note might help reinforce that I am doing some things appropriately. Alternatively, it might offer some suggestions and tips as to what I could do to sleep well, rest and wake up refreshed!

There are primarily 3 parts to sleeping easy (not necessarily in order of priority):

  1. Create the right environment for ensuring peaceful sleep
  2. Handling myself and my thoughts – through useful affirmations
  3. Understanding the causes for less than peaceful sleep (to help handle them)

Summarising the key aspects regarding the environment here:

  • Ensure room is dark and slightly cooler than is normally comfortable
  • Remove all electronic “leashes” (mobile, laptop, TV etc. from the place of sleep)
  • Switch off from electronic “leashes” at least 1 hour prior to sleeping
  • Ensure comfortable mattress and pillow for sleep – change the mattress at least once every 4 years
  • Very useful to have soft, instrumental, classical music playing for a while before going to sleep
  • Take a relaxing shower or bath before sleep

(There is enough that has been written by quite a few people on the aspect of the environment and the physical preparation for good sleep.)

Handling myself and my thoughts:

This is by far the most important, according to me, of being able to sleep well. My experiences are entirely within my thoughts, and if I can learn how to understand and handle the “negative” thoughts, more than half my solution is achieved. Some tips for this are:

  • Practice Gratitude before sleeping – write down, while feeling the gratitude, at least 5 things that I am grateful for. Identify with, and experience the gratitude. This enables the secretion of chemicals that are useful for relaxing mind and body and helping sleep better.
  • Prepare a plan for the next day – this ensures that the mind does not have to work on those. This also ensures that “fear of the unknown” is handled, and again helps have the appropriate chemical balance in the body for sleep.
  • Practice clearing the mind – placing those thoughts that are there in the background, aside for a specific duration. More on this can be found at: Do the SILSA, Clear the mind, Stay in the moment!
  • Practice affirmations that are useful. According to Louise Hay, the probable causes of “Insomnia” are, Fear, Guilt and not trusting the process of life. She advocates the affirmation below as an antidote for this condition.

I lovingly release the day and slip into peaceful sleep, knowing tomorrow will take care of itself.

The way to state these affirmations is to lie down, focus on one’s breathing, and gently, repeat the affirmation, with the utmost kindness, love and belief that one can have. Keep repeating this affirmation till there is peace and quiet within, or one actually slips off into “peaceful sleep.”

Understanding what causes a situation where “peaceful sleep” is not possible:

A good place to start might be to understand what the primary causes for “NOT SLEEPING” well could be:

  1. Fear (anxiety, worry, apprehension, helplessness, upset etc.)
  2. Anger (irritation, upset, frustration, resentment etc.)
  3. Physical illness – caused by various things

The 3rd thing above, Physical Illness, is not being dealt with here since that is an exception than the rule. However, the other two Fear and Anger are definitely aspects that can be handled.

I have already written on handling Fear and Stress here: Fear & Stress, Using the P2S2 to handle them!

And about Anger here: Anger – how it is useful, and how to express it in a healthy way!

There is much more that can be said on this subject. However, I believe that it might be useful to end this note here. If you, after reading this, would like more information, please reach out to me. Happy to help as best I can! For more, email me at

Wishing you health, happiness, and yes, PEACEFUL SLEEP!


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