The extremely rewarding journey of personal excellence! (some random thoughts – rather heavy reading!)

“I am ready willing and able to change. I thank all those who help me by giving me feedback. I am ever grateful for the ability that I have to change. And I focus on changing ONLY myself – the only one I have the right, ability and willingness to change. Everyone else, the best I can do, is to act in a manner that inspires them to be willing to change, and to then embark on the sometimes arduous, and always enjoyable and rewarding journey of personal excellence and change. Whether I think I can, or cannot, I am right!”

Those words, sort of flowed! And once I had typed them out, I started thinking. From what I hear, read and understand from what people say, there are so many people who want to the change the world, and make the world a “better place!” I am also sure that there have been many who have said this, and in a shorter, crisper and easier to understand manner than I. And at this point in time, I was moved that those words came to me. And in keeping with the words, am sharing – for the simple fact that this action of mine might actually inspire at least one more – it certainly has inspired me!

The truth is actually what came out in those words right at the beginning! I can change ONLY myself. I cannot change anyone else. And even as I type out those words “I can change only myself,” I realize that those words might themselves be fallacious and likely to be interpreted in multiple ways. And the interpretation would depend on each and every person’s own personal history, and what “Change” means to them.

The moot question is, am I changing at all? Or is it that my behavior changes? Does changing my behavior really mean that I have changed? I am still the same, outwardly and the “change,” if any, has taken place in the thinking and the resultant actions. So, I am actually speaking about changing and adopting a different set of actions that I think, at this time, and with the new thinking, will be useful for the greater good of all (not just humans, and all beings and forms!)

And this brought me to thinking about “integrity” which to me, is the most important of all character traits, or values that I must have. And what exactly does “integrity” mean to me?

Integrity, to me, is “the appropriate behaviour, in the appropriate manner, at the appropriate time with the appropriate beings, that brings about the greatest good for the greatest number of good beings!”

And therefore, it is rather subjective and therefore entirely fallible, and like “artificial self learning intelligence,” hopefully becomes better with time and with experience. And the journey of personal excellence that is focused on maintaining “Integrity” at all times, in thought, speech and action is probably the most rewarding, and maybe the most challenging one.

And this requires that I be awake, aware, attentive, and always willing to learn, apologise, to myself and others, for my errors in judgment, and move on. It also requires that I love and accept myself exactly as I am.

It also requires that I accept others exactly as they are and to act in a manner that others are also inspired to act in a manner that brings about the greatest good, for the greatest number of “good” beings.

And the journey will go on!

I wish myself, and each and everyone of you, who happens to read this, the very best of health, happiness, peace, love, and joy always!

PS. As I finished typing all that out, I realised that this was going to be some rather heavy reading. I hope I have not bored you too much, or confused you too much.


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