Kids with special needs? No! They are “Special beings!”

Special beings

I’ve been seeing a post on social media about children with special needs not being allowed to go on school trips, not being invited to parties and the like. The post, reproduced below, talks about these kids wanting to be “accepted.” That these kids are not strange or rare!

“Following on from the news that a school banned a child with autism participating in a school trip I feel the need to write this. There are boys and girls that nobody invites to birthdays. There are special kids who want to belong to a team but don’t get selected because it is more important to win than include these children. Children with special needs are not rare or strange, they only want what everyone else wants: to be accepted!! Can I ask a question? Is there anyone willing to copy and paste this post to their wall without sharing it, like I did? Thank you.”

These are not children with special needs! They’re TRULY SPECIAL

I have a different view – these are not children with special needs, they’re TRULY SPECIAL! Just that, they’re special. And yes, they ARE rare! Because they are made special in the likeness of the Supreme Creator. Yes, I believe in the concept of a “God” and believe that it is the Universe itself. Everything and anything that exists came from the Universe, and to me, therefore, the Universe is God.

And well, are these kids complaining about these things – of not being accepted and the like? Most likely not. It’s probably parents and others around who complain, if at all. And as with most other things, people end up projecting what THEY think the kids want! And even if they do complain, it’s something they’ve learnt from others or even made to express, by others! They’re happy with themselves and just being themselves. They’re the most beautifully pure minded and genuine beings one can be blessed to be around.

On the same lines, would anyone complain that their kids are not being invited to something that’s not useful for their children? Being with “normal” (Who decides who of what is normal anyways) people is probably not useful for these special beings. I’m truly respectful of such beings.

“Where do I sing? I just turn up! God uses my voice box and when God produces something, it is always beautiful. I do not do anything, I surrender to the Almighty and therefore the music is beautiful.” – paraphrasing Pandit Bhimsen Joshi 

My friend Kichu Krishnan (there comes that name again! 🙂 :))  talks about the time when he was with the most popular classical singer Pandit Bhimsen Joshi. Kichu was fortunate enough to be on the dais with the Panditji during one of the concerts. And he had played a part in the organization of the concert. And after the concert, he was in awe of the performance that Panditji had rendered. And he went up to Panditji and asked him, “Panditji, how do you sing so beautifully?” And the great singer replied with, “Where do I sing? I just turn up! God uses my voice box and when God produces something, it is always beautiful. I do not do anything, I surrender to the Almighty and therefore the music is beautiful.”

What is the connection between special children and this wonderful response from Pandit Bhimsen Joshi might be the question. There is. One of the aspects of the work I do is to facilitate what I refer to as “Truth Healing.” This is about physical, mental and emotional healing for people. There is a clear process that is used, and it also relies greatly on intuition, instinct and most importantly, using a process to check with the Universe for the appropriate process or work that is to be done.

I am very clear that I am ONLY a conduit – and after hearing what Kichu shared about Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, I have been copying that with humility – I say, “I am only the conduit. I am the power cord, not the power source. I turn up, and surrender to the Universe. And the Universe chooses to help others, and in the process, uses my voice box as well. And many a time, I am myself learning from the words that come from my voice box.” The “healing” that has been possible is simply amazing and many a time defies what is today referred to as “conventional logic” or “science.” More on that subject in another article about how our thoughts create everything that we have in our physical bodies.

With this as a background, I have been requested a few times to work with children who have special needs. To see if Truth Healing can help them become normal. The first time I chanced upon this, was some years ago. I was requested by a dear friend to help the son of his colleague who was born special. I visited the house of my friend’s colleague and immediately felt a strange calmness and peace inside of me. And I did my process of surrendering to the Universe and what flowed out of my voice box was amazingly beautiful.

I paraphrase what I recall having been spoken through my voice box here: “This being has decided to take on this form to help others progress in their journey of consciousness growth. Only truly evolved and superior souls take on the responsibility of helping other beings progress. And in doing this, they take on forms that they themselves will not make much progress in this lifetime. So, these beings are truly pure, beautiful and extremely high in terms of consciousness. One does not need do anything else other than take care of these beings to progress themselves. Being in the presence and service of such beings, there is no need to visit any place of religious or spiritual significance. Being in the presence of these beings itself is sure to elevate one’s consciousness.”

My friend’s colleague had tears in his eyes and responded, “That is the exact same thing that my spiritual guru has told me. I have been told that I need to just do what I can for my son and I will progress greatly.”

Another time, a friend requested me to visit his relative’s son who was “special.” Here again, the moment I was in the presence of that being, there was an immediate calm and peace that I felt inside me. And words similar to those above came out from my voice box. This time, there were some additions – “Who am I to help a being that is born to help others? This is a little like the priest being asked to help the Almighty!”

I had worked with a client for a while until a couple of years back. One of the most amazing things that this client and the client’s family do is to help manage a school and facility that takes care of these “special” beings. I visited the facility only once, and that was such a amazing experience. The facility helps parents who are of not great financial means to help take care of these beings. And more than that, my client ensures that as many of these special beings as possible are trained and given employment in their business enterprise. Without a doubt, I am sure that just this ensures that their business does well, regardless of what might happen in the economy.

I have been fortunate enough to have had multiple such instances of being in the presence of such beings. And one thing that strikes me is this. Every single such being has brought about the greatest transformation in the lives of all those who are in contact with them. This transformation has been amazingly beautiful in every such instance and has brought about greater peace, happiness and love into the lives of all those who are around such “special beings!”

This is NOT about my ability to surrender to the Universe, or that I say that my voice box is used by the Universe. It is to share that these beings, are truly special. We do not need to do any favours for them. If we do not want to be in their presence, then WE are the losers. Just being in the presence of such beings is sure to bring peace, love and happiness in the lives of those who are blessed with such benevolence.

There is only so much that can be conveyed with the written word. And I am running into that same situation in this article. There is so much more I could share, even with my limited knowledge.

I say this with all respect and humility – these beings are truly “Special!” These special beings are here to help others. They’re truly, truly special. They are more beautiful inside than most of the other “normal” beings. Let’s share that – and make it something that people believe the truth that they are being favoured, rather than thinking that they are doing these beings a favour by “accepting” them. One should be so lucky and blessed to be in the presence of such beings, and to gain some peace, love and happiness for themselves. I suggest that each and every one of us should make it a part of our process of growth to learn from such special beings, even if we do not do anything, by just being around such beings. And I suggest that you find out the truth in that statement for yourself – make the time and effort to be in the presence of such beautiful beings, and you will gain that insight about what true, pure, love and kindness is.

I pray that the most benevolent Universe bless us all with love, compassion, kindness and gratitude and that we all stay happy and blessed.


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