Living with TRUE Responsibility leads to liberation!

My friend, philosopher, guide and business partner, Kichu Krishnan, shared a definition of “Responsibility” with me very early on in my relationship with him. An aside: the beauty of our relationship is that from the time we met, it seemed we had known one another for ages, maybe even lifetimes!

The definition is all Kichu’s and after aiming to live this every instant of my life, there is a very small contribution to this very powerful, and sometimes daunting to live by, definition of “Responsibility!”


This talk by Isaac Lidsky – What reality are you creating for yourself? elaborates further on the subject of how each person creates perceptions and beliefs, and hence their own reality.And with a sense of Déjà vu, when Isaac mentioned “living with responsibility” I said, this is something that will be very useful to share with others. Please take the 12 minutes needed to watch this. I believe that it could add tremendous value to everyone who does. And with eternal gratitude to my parents, my teachers, family and friends, I wish you the best in life.


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