Live in the moment! 

This article is prompted by reactions and responses to various events taking place around the world and how people are acting as though the world might end. Maybe it will, and I can only do what I can about it! This article is a little more on this SUBJECT – of  striking a balance between planning for the future and living in the moment. 

Events are events. What turns out from those events, the passage of time will tell. How I respond to those events (stimuli) is the only thing that matters.


Striking an appropriate balance between planning for the future consists of the understanding the factors that I have control over, those I can influence and those I can’t influence or control. 

Firstly, those that I have control over:

I definitely need to think about and have my actions ready for eventualities. The use of tools (like my own P2S2) might be useful in this. 

Use the P2S2, handle fear & stress 

Secondly, those I have influence over:
I should do what I can to influence,  appropriately. And this influencing is best done by being inspirational than otherwise. Making others feel shame, guilt, fear, anger  etc are not useful in being inspirational. Reasoning, with data, appealing to the greater good, and the like  all the time, being open to learn, and to look at multiple perspectives is required to be inspirational. Nobody cares how much I know  until they know how much I care! 

Lastly, those I have no control or influence over:

I set aside and work on myself to be prepared to meet exigencies. Here again, using tools like the P2S2 might be very useful. 

Too much worry about the future is paying interest in a loan I MIGHT TAKE IN THE FUTURE and in that sense, an absolute waste of time, energy and skill, and maybe even of life in this moment. 

Stay happy, stay safe, live in the moment, with health and happiness. 


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