I am human! I am as perfect as I can be!


I tell my clients, and friends, “well, every morning, as I groom myself and get ready, I look in the mirror and check if I have a “Halo” on my head. And if I have no halo, that means I am human, and that I will make mistakes.”

And that it is a mistake, I will ONLY know in hindsight, and after a delay. The delay could be a millisecond, or a year! Does not matter. The fact is that most will know a mistake only after it is committed.

And the important thing is to learn from mistakes. And to become better, and to love and accept oneself, with the mistakes one has made, in the past, and to become better.

As a friend asked, “Why are we so desperate to search for our mistakes? Isnt that a mistake itself?” and my response to that was, “That is because of the neurological wiring of the brain. There are 5 times more neural connections for “avoidance of pain” than there are for “acceptance of pleasure” – this is a direct result of the process of evolution!”

And yes, I am as perfect as I can be, in this moment, and with the experience I gain from this moment, I grow into being perfect in the next moment, and so on! It is a process, and the fuel that makes this journey possible is a simple act of “Loving and Accepting oneself exactly as one is!”

Stay Happy! Stay Blessed! Stay Safe!


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