Hello there!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and this page.

I started blogging after much deliberation. One tends to underestimate oneself when it comes to one’s strengths and overestimate their weaknesses. And given that I was also that way, I thought that I would not be able to make any difference. And then the realization dawned upon me – that it was my duty to state my thoughts in as sincere and honest a manner as possible and then the Universe would do the needful. If my thoughts were congruent to a greater purpose, then the Universe would direct people to my page, and grace me by using me to make a difference.

So, the main aim of my blog is to help make a positive difference (and in the positive sense) in as many people’s lives as possible.

Aside of that, I am a foodie – and sincerely appreciate good food. I am also a discerning foodie 🙂 and try to ferret out little known places – and places solely on the merit of the fare rather than the ambience.

I am curious about human behavior and try to study this as much as I can – to glean insights that can help me, and others.

So, once again, thanks for stopping by and I sincerely hope you like the experience of reading my blogs. I am aware that I sometimes tend to be wordy and this stems from my aim to throw light enough on the subject to make it absolutely clear.  I apologise to you, if this wordiness in any manner whatsoever upsets you!

I wish you health and happiness….. keep smiling… keep your chin up….. and live happily!

Cheenu (GS)


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